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About Real-T

Real-T offers a uniquely refreshing ice tea that delivers a delicious taste, with no added sugar.

Developed from the best quality Rooibos tea and ingredients, we bring you an iced tea that is natural and is suitable for the whole family. Real-T is blended using Rooibos tea leaves that naturally contain no caffeine, giving you a refreshing drink with many added health benefits.

Real-T came to life in the heart of the kitchen, where the idea of developing an iced tea that was fresh and provided a lower sugar content was brewed to life. We have developed and produced Real-T from a selection of the best quality teas and ingredients.

We are excited to bring you an iced tea that is natural, tastes amazing and is suitable for the whole family.  Go on, enjoy a glass of Real-T while relaxing at home or out in the African sun!

Why choose Real-T?

Real-T Flavours


All of the taste, none of the sugar!

Rooibos is not a classic tea plant, but rather comes from a bush, which is part of the Fynbos family that grows prominently in South Africa. Rooibos is filled with many nutrients, such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc and magnesium, with approximately 50 times more antioxidants than green tea.

Our flavours are sweetened with a natural sweetener that contains zero calories and does not cause a spike in your blood sugar. Real-T is Kosher & Halaal friendly*.

*Certification in progress

Everyone will love Real-T!

What do our customers love about REAL-T?

  • "I don’t like giving my kids the heavily carbonated and sugary drinks that some of us grew up on before we learnt about the impact on our health! REAL-T is the perfect answer for me - full of fun flavour, caffeine free rooibos and naturally sweetened. Happy Mom + Happy Kids = Happy Life"

    Kim Mom
  • "Great tasting alternative to high sugar ice teas."

    Megan Takealot Customer
  • "Real-T is definitely my favourite functional beverage. I love that it’s caffeine-free and has zero after taste and doesn’t taste synthetic. Real- T also has zero impact on my blood sugars and is super thirst-quenching."

    Marissa Diabetic Customer
  • "Few drinks can satisfy my thirst without troubling my digestive system, whilst also extinguishing the chemical aftertaste of chemo. Thank you for Real T’s quenching :-)"

    Deon Cancer Patient
  • "Love the peach and lemon ice teas! Great product!"

    Ullricke Customer
  • "’I'm completely obsessed with them. 0% sugar, no caffeine and no weird aftertaste! My drink of choice especially when. I don’t want to consume any extra calories and I’m on the shred!"

    Fam Sportsperson
  • "Our son is autistic and we struggled to find sugar free drinks that taste good and are healthy. With Real- T, we found it to be the best for our son and family at large."

    Mapule Mom

Healthy Facts

After water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage in the world. It might not seem like there is a booming tea culture, but the fact is that on any given day, more than half of the American population drinks tea. But here’s the twist: 85 percent of that tea is served cold.

So traditionally there are two types of iced teas in the world today; Iced Tea and Sweet Tea; the only variation between them is sugar. While heavily sweetened iced tea can’t really be considered a health food, iced tea in general is a super healthy drink.

Natural, unsweetened iced tea is loaded with antioxidants which can help your body fight against a number of different things, including age and cancer. Antioxidants are excellent in slowing the progression of old age, and they are incredibly good for your skin as well, meaning that they can help keep you looking and feeling younger.

There has been much research done, and compelling conclusions that tea can reduce the risk of heart disease.

There are approximately 3,000 published research studies exist that evaluate the role tea and tea compounds, such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), may play in cancers of various types. The effects apply to a number of different cancers and are linked to varying degrees of significant success. Another comprehensive review study found a nearly 20 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack and a 35 percent reduced risk of stroke among those who drank one to three cups of green tea daily. “Those who drank four or more cups of green tea daily had a 32 percent reduction in the risk of having a heart attack and lower levels of LDL cholesterol.”

Good news is that anyone who has ever suffered from asthma, skin issues, eczema, insomnia, bone weakness or hypertension may want to consider drinking rooibos tea. The United States Department of Agriculture has confirmed many of the health benefits of drinking rooibos tea including its ability to reduce the risk of various types of cancer, heart disease and premature aging.

Aids the Respiratory System

Rooibos tea is a bronchodilator. A bronchodilator is a substance that dilates the bronchi and bronchioles, and in doing so, it increases airflow to the lungs making breathing easier. With the decrease of resistance in the respiratory airway, drinkers of rooibos tea will get the added boost of preventing common cardiovascular diseases including atheroschelorsis and heart attacks. It may also help combat the symptoms of asthma.

Good for the Bones and Teeth

Rooibos tea is rich in several minerals including manganese, calcium and fluoride. These minerals promote healthy bones and teeth. As a result, drinking rooibos tea may help prevent common health conditions including joint pain, osteoporosis and arthritis. Manganese works by stimulating enzymes in the body used to help build more bone mass and repair damage. Fluoride is important when maintaining healthy teeth and is even found in most toothpastes and mouthwashes. Finally, calcium is important for healthy, strong bones and teeth.

Helps Prevent Type II Diabetes

Rooibos tea contains aspalathin, which has a hypoglycemic effect on the body. Aspalathin is a rare type of antioxidant that helps balance blood sugar and improves insulin resistance in the body. It may also promote glucose absorption in the muscles. These effects may help prevent drinkers from developing type II Diabetes. This is because the nutrient prevents the spikes in blood sugar that may cause type II Diabetes. Those with a family history of diabetes may especially benefit from drinking this type of tea.

Improves Blood Circulation

Many Americans suffer from poor blood circulation, which may lead to serious health issues including a heart attack. Rooibos tea contains chrysoeriols, which is a flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This compound aids blood circulation and has been linked to reducing cholesterol. It does this by preventing the activity of certain enzymes that are known to trigger cardiovascular diseases.

There are many ice teas products on the market today, most are loaded with sugar and while there are a number of low sugar alternatives, many lack flavour. The biggest challenge with the majority of ice teas is what do you use as a substitute for sugar but whilst maintaining that great sugar like taste.

At Real-T, after some intensive research we selected the low-calorie sweetener, Erythritol. It’s natural, doesn’t cause side effects and tastes like sugar without the calories. Basically, all the good stuff in regular sugar, with none of the bad stuff.

Erythritol belongs to a class of compounds called sugar alcohols. These molecules are like hybrids of a carbohydrate and an alcohol (it doesn’t contain any ethanol though, this is the stuff that gets you drunk). There are many different sugar alcohols. They can be found in natural foods like fruits, but they’re also added to “sugar-free” products of all sorts. Some foods, including grapes, watermelon, pears, fermented products and mushrooms, contain erythritol naturally.

Erythritol VS Sugar

The following comparison between sugar and erythritol highlights the calories per gram:

  • Table sugar: 4 calories per gram.
  • Xylitol: 2.4 calories per gram.
  • Erythritol: 0.24 calories per gram.

With only 6% of the calories of sugar, it still has 70% of the sweetness.

Erythritol goes pretty much unchanged through our system, without causing any of the harmful metabolic effects of excess sugar or the digestive issues associated with other sugar alcohols. Humans don’t have the enzymes to break down erythritol. It gets absorbed into the bloodstream and is then excreted unchanged in the urine.

When healthy people are given erythritol, there is no change in blood sugar or insulin levels. There is also no effect on cholesterol, triglycerides or other biomarkers. For people who are overweight, have diabetes or other issues related to the metabolic syndrome, erythritol appears to be an excellent alternative to sugar.

Overall, erythritol is an excellent substitute for sugar and works as an excellent sweetener.

  • It contains almost no calories.
  • It has 70% of the sweetness of sugar.
  • It doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin levels.
  • Human studies show very little side effects.

At Real-T, erythritol forms the basis for all our teas products and flavours which we believe is the healthy alternative for sugar.

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